Final Reflections on the Project and PhD

Hi all,

Here is a quick update on the Living with Porn(ography) Project and the PhD that the research was conducted for.

I am pleased to say that I was awarded my PhD in December 2019 subject to minor corrections. I will be submitting my corrections in March after which my PhD will be complete! It feels very strange to say as it seems such a long journey since I started the research. Thank you to my supervisors Professor Sarah Neal and Dr Jadwiga Leigh for all of their help in getting there. Writing the thesis up was long and difficult but thankfully I had a very supportive partner, and very supportive friends and family.

Now that the PhD is finished, the task of sharing the research and the project findings starts. First of all, I will be meeting with some of the women from the project to tell them about how I wrote the thesis up, and to conclude our work together. I will then begin preparing academic publications from the research. I am undecided yet of which format this will take but I hope to produce several publications on the research topic and on the research methodology. I am also hoping to do a public event (subject to securing some funding) in which I will share the findings of the project. I will post updates about this on the website.  

Now that the PhD is coming to an end, I need to bring the project to a close. This website, the project Twitter account and the project email account will remain live until July 2020 and after this point I will close them. If you would like to find out more about the project, please do get in touch. Until July, I will continue to post updates as and when they come up.

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch with the project, and for all the interest in the research.