What’s New for 2018

Hi all,

Here is a very quick blog from the Living with Porn(ography) Project giving you a quick update on where things are! The research for the project is now complete, from May 2017 – January 2018, 9 of us worked together to discuss our views on porn. In total there were 10 research group meetings and 8 interviews. The findings are now being written up into the thesis for the PhD. Hopefully over the coming year I will be able to share more of the findings with everyone in different formats as well.

I have now published a paper about the experience of gaining ethical approval for this project, the difficulties that there were in doing so, and how these were overcome. The paper is entitled: ‘Is the presumption of anonymity a matter of protection or paternalism? Obtaining ethical approval for participatory research on pornography’ and is available here. If you would like to read it but do not have access send me an email.

I was pleased to present some of the findings from the project yesterday at the Pint of Science Festival in Sheffield at the event: ‘Who Run the World? Pop, Porn and Post Truth’.    It was nice to present the research in a new setting, it felt very different to presenting at academic conferences! Thanks to Pint of Science for having me.

And now, back to writing up the thesis.