News from the Project!

I thought I would write a new blog with an update of the Living with Porn(ography) Project. I don’t blog as often as I would like to, and I always seem to promise a blog when I’m especially busy so sorry that it is late! We have now had our seventh group meeting and this was the final meeting aimed at collecting new data to contribute to the research findings. I cannot quite believe how quickly time has flied!  Yesterday we went on a field trip, for which we received funding, doing some crafts and painting our own ceramics. This was lots of fun, and it will be nice to have a memento from the project. They are all currently in the kiln, once I have mine back perhaps I will post a photo of my handiwork!

I’m now in the thick of transcribing the interviews and the group meetings, there is almost a full day’s worth of audio recordings. This is of course translates to far longer than a full day’s work transcribing! Transcribing has been a really interesting process, I’m reflecting alot on how things have changed over the course of the project. For example, I can hear my own voice become much more confident throughout the course of the research. I also share more of my own anecdotes and experiences. There are also lots of laugh to be had when I listen back to some of the things we talked about! Unfortunately, I am finding transcribing a very difficult process, it really hurts my hands and my wrists so I can’t progress with it quickly as I would like to. I hadn’t quite anticipated this issue, I knew it was time consuming but didn’t realise it would hurt! I am making sure to take lots of rests.

On Thursday, I will be guest lecturing about gender and pornography at Salford University for a criminology module. This will be my first time lecturing so I am very excited, and it will be great to have discussions with the students about this topic. I am interested to hear what their perspectives are. In the afternoon, I will be presenting at a research seminar hosted by the Centre for Applied Research in Health, Wefare and Policy at the University of Salford – my talk will be entitled: What Are We Talking About When We Talk About ‘Pornography’? A big thanks to Kelly Lockwood at Salford who invited me to do both of these events. I will blog again soon and let you know how they go!