Keeping you up-to-date with the project

Hi everyone, I thought I’d blog with a quick update of the project. I hope everyone had a nice summer, it is already starting to feel like a distant memory (though a very pleasant one!) I feel sad to say that the research group has almost come to an end! We have had 6 group meetings together, and we will have our 7th in a week’s time. This will be our last meeting, bar a final analysis session later on this year. Each of the women also took part in an individual interview, all of which were really enjoyable to do and really informative for the project. In addition to this, I am pleased to say we have been awarded some funding to go on a field trip together! I’ll blog about this in a bit more detail next time and hopefully we can take some photos of what we get up to. As the project has progressed, the methodology has changed. Initially, I had planned to conduct a number of additional interviews but this has now been scaled back. Hopefully, one day this project can be extended and developed so that more women’s and other people’s experiences can be explored too.

Next on the agenda with the group is rounding off our research, and thinking about our strategy for the research data and our research findings. After we have begun analysing our research, and collectively decided upon our research findings I can begin to blog about that too so watch this space though out 2017 and 2018.

I am pleased to say that I have been invited to present a research seminar at the University of Salford and I’ll be talking about the Living With Porn(ography) Project. The theme of the talk will be the complexities of defining ‘pornography’, and the ambiguity there can be in identifying what pornography is. On the same day, I will also be guest lecturing on gender and pornography which I am very much looking forward to.

I’ll blog again soon with more updates and further news about the project.