The Project is Truly Underway…!

The Research Group

We have now had 3 research group meetings and have our next one scheduled in for Wednesday the 21st of June. Last week we discussed the relationship between sexuality and pornography. We had a very varied discussion, and amongst all of it were commonalities and differences in experience and opinion. What seems clear to me, is that there is a lot of diversity in the experiences that women can have. We started a very interesting discussion on how we define and understand sexuality, which again featured different and diverse opinions.

One thing that keeps cropping up in our discussions is the complexities of defining pornography, and identifying what is pornographic. We all have different opinions in the group on this. Next week we are going to kick start our discussion by revisiting this. If anyone has any definitions that resonate with them, get in touch / @livingwithporn – we are going to be discussing some different perspectives and so we are interested in the range of ways that pornography has been defined.

Next week, our overall focus will be on UK law and pornography, as suggested by a member of the group. One of the challenges I have found when looking at this area before, is finding a comprehensive guide to what the law on pornography actually is. Whilst I have managed to learn quite a bit along the way, finding a guide to share with the group is somewhat difficult. Thankfully, this is where Twitter has been helpful and through tweeting a request I have managed to get in touch with some people who are willing to help. I’ll blog again after the next group to let you know what we discuss.

What Else Is on the Horizon?

On the 30th of June, I will be attending the Healthy Sexual Development Symposium in London:  Some of the symposium will be discussing pornography and will be really interesting to hear. I hope to live tweet from this event.

I will be putting an application in for funding to take the research group on a day trip. We are interested in creative ways of doing this research. One idea is to visit a relevant exhibition / talk / event on sex and pornography, and see where this leads on answering our question – “how do women experience pornography?” I have begun looking for relevant events but any suggestions would be much appreciated!

In July I am going to begin recruiting 10-15 women to take part in an interview for the project. This is a chance for women who couldn’t participate in the group or aren’t local to Sheffield to get involved. I will tweet and blog nearer the time with more info on this, but please do spread the word if you know of anyone interested.

Get in Touch!

I will blog again soon – please do get any touch with any comments/ questions/ suggestions. #LetsTalkAboutPorn