Preparing For the First Meeting


I am pleased to say that we have our first group meeting organised for tomorrow, Thursday the 4th of May at 6pm. As I am sure anyone has who has ever done group work will know, it is very difficult organising a time and date everyone can do, so I am glad that the first meeting is scheduled. This said, not everyone who has signed up to take part can attend the first meeting, so there is a need for flexibility around participating. I’m just encouraging those women to come to the second meeting instead!

We are still looking for 3-5 women to join us, so please keep sharing the project details and/ or get in touch if you are interested . If you can’t attend tomorrow’s meeting come to the next one. How often we meet, when and where is up for negotiation, so don’t worry if a Thursday evening is no good for you.

For now I am preparing the schedule for tomorrow evening, printing off information sheets and consent forms, and sorting out some audio recording equipment. I will blog again soon with an update of how the project is going.

Get in touch at with questions or comments. If you’ve read any interesting news articles relating to the topics being discussed in this project send them my way! #LetsTalkAboutPorn