The Project in Progress

I thought I would put together a little blog about the project so far and how things are developing. I am really pleased with all of the positive attention the project has received so far. Thank you for everyone’s support – the retweets and likes on Twitter, posts and shares on Facebook, and suggestions for how to spread the word about the research.

Please do continue to share the project:

I am still looking for women to get involved and am pleased to say that five women have signed up so far. I am looking forward to us working together. We are currently in the process of organising the first meeting. Please do get involved or share the project with anyone you think would be interested.

On Thursday the 30th of March I spoke to Paulette Edwards on BBC Radio Sheffield about the project. This was a great opportunity to explain in a bit more depth about why I am interested in researching pornography and what I hope this project will achieve. We discussed the difficulties there can be in talking about sex and pornography; I hope this research can contribute to wider conversations on these. The interview is available for 30 days on iPlayer, it starts from 1 hour 10 minutes in. You can listen to that here or alternately you can read a short write up here.

Please do get in touch via email if you have any questions or comments about the project or getting involved. I intend to keep a blog alongside the project – if you have any suggestions about what would be interesting to read, let me know.